Our Mission

Welcome to MendatHome.Com! Our goal and mission is to change the way you access and experience healthcare!

For starters, we’re delivering high quality, on-demand medical care right to your doorstep, for about the same cost as a typical urgent care visit. And it’s available 24/7 online on your smartphone or computer and from the comfort of your own home.

Why MendatHome?

With MendatHome, we’ll diagnose and begin treatment of your illness or injury while you rest in your home, office or hotel. We can even have your prescriptions delivered after your visit, because we know it’s no fun to wait at a pharmacy when you’re sick.

Our online clinic database is equipped with nearly everything you’d find in a traditional urgent care clinic with highly experienced members.  

We’re Mendathome and we’re here to serve you. We want to make healthcare more convenient, more transparent, and more affordable for everyone, starting right here in our community. You expect those qualities from every other service and it’s time you started expecting them from healthcare. Now you can.

Be well! – The MendatHome Team